About Us

This section tells you about the people who run the club, its aims, how to join and the constitution. There is also a short section about this website at the bottom if you scroll down.

Our people

The following take the lead in the Old Girls' Club: (photos below)

Vaninne Parker  - Chairman           Penny Horsman (Sword) - Secretary                     Ann Blackburn Treasurer

They are assisted by the following members of the committee - all photos on the gallery in the General Photos section :

Group Reps:

Groups: 1, 2 and 3:   Barbara Lees, assisted by Joan Remnant.

Group 4: Mary Steensma (Tunesi), Doreen Evans (Manning),

Group 5: Rosalind Denton (Haunton) and Linda Pritchett (Laurie)

Group 6: Katharine Fry (Duce) and Ali Tucker

Other posts

Shelley Mitchell (Boadella) - Regional Co-ordinator

 Maggie Gebbett (Locke) - Website

 Myra Hurley (Ricketts) - Membership Secretary

A numberof other OGs come to committee meetings on an ad hoc basis.  Do contact us if you would like to join us.

What the Club does

The Club exists so that all OGs and staff of Mary Datchelor can keep in touch with one another. A newsletter is published annually.  If you are  a registered Old Girl (and a member of this site) you can find a pdf of the latest edition of the newsletter  in the members section of this website. We are organised into groups according to the years we left school.  We contribute to Jonas, our only charity, each year. This website enables you to find out about general and regional meetings, as well as being a 'noticeboard' for items of interest to do with MDGS.  The Members section of this site contains minutes of meetings and full versions of some documents.  Unless you are particularly interested, or on the committee, you probably don't need to go to the members section at all, although of course you are welcome to log in if you are a paid up member of the Old Girls Club and you have joined the Members' section of this website..  (Please note being a member of the OG Club does not make you a member of this website - you have to enrol on this site if you want access to the Members' section).

What membership costs

To simplify matters there is now one class of membership of the OG Club - Life Membership at a one-off cost of £25.  If you have been a member in the past and paid a sub for a few years you may qualify for free life membership now.  Please contact the Treasurer.  If you would like to join there is a welcome letter and forms for you to fill in - please click here.

The Constitution

We are all most grateful to Avril Burt (Eyles), Ali Tucker and Terry Boswell (Schon) for their dedication and work in keeping the Old Girls club open. Work on the new constitution was led by Sue White, Terry Boswell and Jane Alexander. The final draft was approved at the AGM on October 10 2009. There is a copy in the members section of this site.

Getting involved

We have a growing list of volunteers willing to help with various aspects from assisting at central meetings to envelope stuffing to being a regional rep, but we are always pleased to welcome more! Contact the webmaster or a group rep through the 'contact us' section of this site.

About this website

Please do make contact, via the 'contact us' section if you want to know about anything.  Any one of us listed there will try and help but generally if you want to trace people go to the Database Manager and if you need to know about Regional Meetings, then the Regional Organiser is the person.  If you are not sure who to contact - plump for the Webmaster who will forward your enquiries to the right person. When you send a message we have a 'spam filter' which means you have to retype a series of letters and numbers.  

Logging on to the members area of this website: This will give you access to minutes of meetings etc.  If you log on, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR LOGIN NAME AND PASSWORD.  You will need this every time you go to the members area of this site.  But nine times out of ten you won't need the members' section at all.

Other websites of interest :There is a facebook page for Mary Datchelor Girls' School run entirely independently of the club.  In October 2016 it had more than 400 members.