The gallery is split into 4 sections - please select a section from the list below.

Regional Meetings  This link takes you to photos taken at recent regional meetings.  Please send in your photos and reports by contacting the webmaster in the Contact Us section.  Then a message will be sent to you to tell you how to send pictures in for this site.

Other Meetings  Photos taken at the AGM or any other special meetings - will be in this section. Click on the blue link 'other meetings!'

General Photos  These are pictures that don't fit tidily anywhere else within the gallery section and include photos of committee members.

Archive   These are photos that have been taken more than a year or so ago.  For really old photos of pupils etc you might consider joining the Datchelor Archives web group at this address:  You have to have a Yahoo 'identity' and password first.  It's a bit of a mission - but worth it!


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