Your Committee meets in January 2017 -any volunteers to help please?

Posted on Monday, 9 January 2017 at 10:49 by Maggieg

The committee that runs the OG club meets in January each year to ensure the on-going smooth running of the organisation.  The prime concern is that we cannot find any Old Girl willing to take over as Treasurer.  For nearly two extra years Christine Gale has continued in that role ensuring that the Club's finances are safeguarded.   She has set up a fine system over the last eight years and ensured that additional funds are moved to the current account from shares etc to keep the club afloat.  There must be an Old Girl with a head for figures who would consider taking on the work.  Please do make yourself known to us. Such a volunteer would inherit a finely tuned system that has run well under Christine's stewardship.

Another concern of the committee is how to look after archives.  Also the annual general meeting must be organised despite dwindling attendance at the event. The carol service, so much appreciated by many, is also looked after by a band of volunteers led by Vaninne Parker who is also the Charman of the OG Club so obviously the committee support her in that work.

Our newsletter will be edited this year by Trish Gauntlett who has taken over the role.  She is supported by Penny White who helps with collecting items for the publication. Thank you Trish for taking on this crucial job that helps us all keep in touch with one another. Trish lives in Canada, but with online communication being what it is that is no problem.

All Old Girls are invited to participate in offering their help with the running of the club.  It is not an arduous task with only one major committee meeting each year (in London's Royal Festival Hall lounge) supplemented with email contact between us all. Go on - volunteer to help!

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